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What should I do next? I slipped and fell really hard in a grocery store a few days ago.

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I was in a grocery store, and was walking with a loaf of bread through the floral section, and slipped and fell on some water on the floor. My husband said that he seen me one minute and the next he didn't know where I went. A gentleman who was buying flowers said oo! really loud and that is when my husband realized that I had fell. He left my 11 month old in the cart and came to help me, he said that there were a couple of elderly ladies that seen it happen, but I dont know. He went over, told a clerk who called a manager; he also got a wet floor sign. when the manager came, she asked what happened, I told her that I fell, and was hurting. I am still in pain and want to know what to do from here. My back, hips left knee and foot are hurting real bad still. I did make a report out.

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Slip and fall cases in Texas are extremely difficult, but not impossible. You would need to show that the water had been there for a long period of time, or that the store management should have known it was there and haad a duty to either warn or clean it up before you slipped in it. From what you have written, I cannot tell if any of those facts exist. You are welcome to call my Houston-based firm to discuss this further. 713-255-2055


The initial hurdle you have to cross in this case is establishing that the store knew or should have known there was water on the floor. They probably did not have actual knowledge of the water but if you can establish it had been present long enough, you may be able to prove they should have been aware of it. If there had been previous problems with the floral section of the store (for example, a leak from the cooler where the floral displays are kept), that could also establish the store was on notice of the leak. One question to ask the store is whether it has med pay insurance. Most don't but if it does, this is a no fault type of insurance that may help you with your medical bills and any initial lost time from work. Good luck.