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What should I do in this situation.

Scranton, PA |

Long story short a couple months back I bought a car off someone on craigslist, big mistake! He came up and dropped off the car gave him the money and everything went smoothe. After about a day he asked to borrow the car, which at the time I had no plates or insurance on it and not enough money to transfer the title over. So I lett him borrow the car to take his son to the doctors. Told him before he left to keep me updated. I paid him $800 for the car, I still have his title and I dont know what to do with it. I also have been trying to call his cell and txt messaging, last answer I got was he will pay me back when he can. Not enough for me.... I recently looked up his information and found out he has been in prison. How do I get my money back, and any other options?

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You may file a small claims action against him.

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