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What should I do if property I am renting is in foreclosure? I

Riverside, CA |

I recieved papers that property was in foreclosure, and I called the number and they told me not to give the owner any more money. Owner keeps saying he is the owner, but I then called this other number and it say's house was sold on 8/10/2009. But doesn't say to who? I am not sure what to do

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First, place your rent in an escrow account. Second, go to your Couty Recorder's (or Assessors) Office and ask them who the owner of the property is. They will not only have the owner's name but a mailing address. You can then send via certified mail your rent for September.

If you have lived on the premises for one year or more, you are entitled to 90 days notice to vacate. If you are still under original lease terms, you are entitled to say until your lease expires.

Youa re also entitled to the return of yoru Security Deposit.

You will probably need to hire an attorney to assist you in this matter.

For more information on tenant's rights in foreclosure, please visit my website a link is provided beloiw.

You can also contact the California Department of Consumer Affairs at: (800) 952-5210, or visit their website at

Disclaimer. Ms. Marsh is an attorney licensed to practice in California. The information posted above is for general information, does not constitute professional legal advice, and does not create an attorney client relationship. Ms. Marsh strongly advises the questioner to consult with an attorney to thoroughly review his or her particular circumstances and for advice tailored to his or her specific circumstances.

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