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What should I do if my Stem Extension gets Denied?

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I am currently working as an engineer for an E-verify company. I am now applying for my opt stem extension but during my opt, I was told by my School Adviser that I could not working unless it pertains to my field which is Electrical Engineering. I did not get a job till Dec. and my opt expires next month. I am now aware that i had pass 90day unemployment rule, is there an appeal or steps i could do if my extension gets denied? Also I am married to my husband that has a green card and now applying for citizenship, We are hoping i get approved and have enough time to take proper steps for me to get my green card based on his status.

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A denial of a STEM 17 month extension does not provide for an appeal. For your husband, he needs to become a US Citizen first before he can quickly file a green card for you and it takes about 4-5 months to get your green card once he naturalizes and that process can also take 4-5 months. If your STEM extension is denied than you could change status to B-1/B-2 visitors visa to buy you sometime. The B-2 doesn't allow you to work but at least you can stay here for approximately 6 months most of the time and try to apply for one additional extension but its usually very difficult to get another extension beyond the 6 months. When is your husband eligible to apply for naturalization will give you a timeframe of how long things will take and how you need to arrange time for your own status.



Well he is qualifies for derivative citizenship


I agree with Mr. Calehr

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I agree with my colleagues

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