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What should I do if my parents don't have a marriage certificate for filing I-130 form?

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I just become a U.S. citizen, I want to petition my parents from Cambodia to the U.S. and I heard that I have to file I-130 form separately for my mom and my dad, and I need to have my birth certificate showing their names as my parents and their marriage certificate, however, they don't have a marriage certificate so what can I do now, shall I ask them to sign a marriage certificate now or what else can I do? Please help, I really appreciate for your advice. Thanks.

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Your parents should have registered their marriage with the local authorities at the location where they married. They need to apply for a certified copy of their marriage certificate.
Otherwise, contact the local U.S. Consulate regarding a DNA test for your visa petition.


showing each parent's relationship to you is key, not to each other. you can petition for them even if they were not married to each other but both are still your parents. even with DNA you will have to show that your father acknowledged you as his son and supported you until age 18. you should really hire an immigration attorney for this case.

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