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What should I do if my attorney doesn't respond to phone calls or email made over a period of 3 weeks?

Dixon, KY |

I started divorce proceedings in March 2011. We have adult children, no debt, married for 34 years. My husband is trying to manipulate the way he pays my half of the settlement. The amounts have been agreed upon. My attorney doesn't seem to be on task. How can I get this settled?

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Your attorney may be on vacation, in the middle of a huge trial, in the hospital, etc. but he or she has a duty to stay in touch with you, at least through an assistant. To get your attorney's attention, use the "B" word -- "Bar." Leave your attorney a voice message and send an email message saying that you are concerned that you have not received a response in 3 weeks and that you will go to the Kentucky State Bar if your attorney does not contact you within 1 business day. If you do not hear from your attorney, contact the Kentucky State Bar to ask if they know anything about it, and if not, to file a complaint against your attorney.

Best wishes.

I am happy to give my "answer" to this question, but please understand that my posting does not mean that you have hired me as your lawyer. Even though I am a real lawyer with a current Nevada law license, I have given my input on this legal question for general information only.



what do you do if that attorney then doesn't do anything for your case at all, being irritated, and you dont have funds for a new attorney and retainer??? especially if you are in a heated divorce case and domestic violence is in the middle of it. that's my problem, an attorney who doesnt respond doesnt seem to take actions to counteract my estranged husbands attacks and breaking court orders, and yet, no money to go to someone else, nor am I told what is happening in the status of our case. what then do we do? if we turn them in then will they work harder, or less, if we want to switch attorneys, they have our files, and our retainer?



I'm not an attorney - but in my opinon you should send your attorney a Certified Letter, voicing your concerns, just as you have here and request the return of your files and retainer fee. That way you will have proof of what you are claiming and that you made your lawyer aware as well. I would also do as the attorney above said and contact your disciplinary board and go on record with your list of complaints to them. It is also my very strong opinion that you should not use this attorney under any circumstance, regardless of his response. When it comes to legal representation, I am of the belief and according to my own personal experience, if things start bad, they will end worse. You deserve MUCH better then what this attorney has afforded you and I hope that you will demand and get it from an attorney who will represent you in the manner you most certainly deserve to be! I truly hope everything works out and wish you only the very best! Good luck!!



Why would anyone ever need to threaten someone they have hired to get a response? It seems like accepted behavior that goes on in the industry. Ever single attorney I have hired I have this very issue with. I'm not certain why anyone would be paying hundreds an hour for this type of treatment. In no other field would this be acceptable.

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