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What should I do if I suspect that the Judge hearing my case is being biased, or is corrupt?

Broadview, IL |

I overheard the Judge whispering to my more powerful opponent that a certain thing had not occurred. Next court date, the Judge is now asserting that it did happen--even though the event cannot be verified [the event is a summary judgment--the case involves an illegal eviction]. Simply put, I caught the Judge lying before my presence. I've been asked to prepare a brief. How should I proceed? I did have an attorney at the beginning, but he didn't seem to be working in my best interests. He told me that my opponent had forgotten about me, which was a lie.

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Unless you have very specific facts which you can put in writing, there is nothing you can do at this point. If you had an attorney, you could discuss the possibility of subsitution of judges, but considering how late you are in the proceedings, it is not likely that you could attempt this on your own.Hire a new attorney or get through your case as best as you can.