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What should I do if I suspect my lawyer of "double billing" and "padding" my bill?

Green Brook, NJ |

My lawyer was representing a total of 5 clients (including myself). We all had to be in court on the same day. He charged me for 7 hours of his time as "Appearance in Court". We were in the court building only 5 hours. The actual amount of time on my case was 1 hour. He also charged me for travel to/from the court house. I feel that the travel and court appearance costs should be split among his 5 clients.

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First, you need to review your retainer agreement to refresh your recollection as to what you agreed to pay. Then, you need to speak to your attorney about your concerns. Just a general note that may provide you with guidance. Attorneys have two products: Their time and their advice. It is normal for an attorney to charge travel time. It is also normal for an attorney to charge for all time spent on your case. If the court ordered him to be present at 9 a.m. and your case wasn't reached until 1 p.m., he can legitimately charge for five hours. What makes this a question worth pursuing is your assertion that he was in court for another four clients? Was it the same matter? Good luck.

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Alan...Thank you for your comments. The other clients were not part of my case. The court hears these particular cases on Thursday of each week. The other clients represented by my attorney had nothing to do with my case. All the best...

Allan E Richardson

Allan E Richardson


In that case, you need to have a serious talk with your attorney about his bill.

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