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What should I do if I have a temporary restraining order on me and she keeps contacting me and saying she will drop it if I talk

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I have responded back to her because she knows if the restraining order goes through, I will loose my job because I work as computer dev/ops guy for the federal government , now that she is not getting what she wants she is threatening me with saying she is going to state that I have violated the terms of the restraining order, we went to court yesterday and she got an extension, while in court she laughed at me and continued texting me all through court, she is just doing this so she can could quit her job and get unemployment and prove she quit her job due to emotional stress with proof by having the restraining order, she knows she is no danger and we have hooked up numerous times while under the restraining order because she said she was going to drop it in court.

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Do not respond to her.

You may however, file a motion to vacate the Restraining Order based
on her contacts with you.

If you respond, you could be arrested, charged and face jail time.

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You need an attorney. Do not destroy any of her text messages.

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Do not respond to her. Keep all messages from her but don't respond. There is too much risk. Find a mutual friend to serve as an intermediary and ask them to advise her that you will need the TRO vacated before you can talk with her directly.


You absolutely cannot get an answer to this question on the internet. You need to talk to a local attorney confidentially about your case and proceed carefully.

Good luck.

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Why have you not sought a restraining order on her? When this happens i9n my practice this is what I do. Additionally, take proof of this inf to the DA who can help you in several ways.


You need to hire an attorney to help you with it. He may be able to file a Motion for Reconsideration to remove the restraining order.

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