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What should i do if I have a relative in jail right now being held with a 600,000 bail and being charged for child endangerment?

San Bernardino, CA |
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Get an attorney immediately .


You can't do anything unless you or family members are willing to hire an attorney to represent them. A qualified criminal defense professional can meet the defendant in jail and start work on defenses and bail reduction. If you do nothing, they will be appointed an attorney who will meet them after they go to court. Whatever you do, do not discuss the facts or circumstances in jail calls or visits. These are recorded and any incriminating statements can be and are used in trials. Obtaining these recordings is a routine part of trial preparations by District Attorneys in many otherwise hard to prove cases.


Your relative is facing many years in custody if he or she is convicted. The bail of $600,000 is well above the normal bail for this offense and indicates that the DA believes this is a very serious child endangerment case. We have been successfully defending those accuse of this crime in San Bernardino for over 30 years. Our office is across the street from the court house.
The first step is to call us or go to and then come into our San Bernardino office so we can arrange to meet with your relative in custody. We would then review the discovery and then be in a position to properly evaluate his defenses.
We look forward to helping you.
Wallin and Klarich

Paul J. Wallin


Your relative needs a good lawyer to assist in obtaining the best result. He should NOT talk to anyone in law enforcement, or to any loved one or relative over the phone, as the phone calls from custody are TAPE RECORDED. We have handled these cases for 20 years, and as a Former Deputy District Attorney and a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, my advise is GET A GOOD LAWYER....If you have any further questions, you can talk to me over the telephone, at 760-241-2013.......I wish you and your family well.................................David Wallin


Child endangerment charges are very serious, especially given that your relative has been charged with 6 counts. Also given the fact that bail has been set so high tells me that the District Attorney has made a compelling argument to the court that your relative is a risk to the safety of society.

Your relative needs the assistance of an experienced attorney. Most attorneys offer a complimentary consultation. You should interview a number of attorneys. While many cases can be resolved through negotiation, the more serious cases tend to go to trial. You want to make sure that however you hire has a solid trial track record and the experience to handle a case like this. I would also advise you to be cautious of anyone who makes promises of certain results. Best of luck with this.

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