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What should i do if i am being investigated by drug task force?

Dekalb, IL |

police showed up at my apartment door . they smelled weed when i opened the door but didnt come in. they asked my room mate and i to talk at the station. i asked if i was being detained or if i was free to go. they told me i was free to go so i went back inside while my room mate just left with them for questioning/conversation.

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You made the right decision. Interview a few attorneys and have one ready in case they return.


Good move! Consult with a couple of attorneys and hire the one you like best. Do not speak to the police or anyone else, or publish anything more here or elsewhere online.


Congratulations, you avoided making a critical mistake that could have hurt you. I am always amazed when people voluntarily admit crimes to the police, making their job easier and their attorney's job much more difficult.
At this point, you don't have to do anything. You might want to talk to your roommate and see what happened. If you are contacted by anyone, don't give information and tell the police you won't answer any questions or make any statements without your attorney present. Then ask for your lawyer. Then don't say anything.
If you are subsequently charged with a crime, contact a few criminal defense attorneys and schedule some consultations. Bring along any documentation you might receive and be honest and open with the attorneys you speak with.

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