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What should I do if a former female friend keeps threatening me to press charges against me, for which I feel I did not do?

Bowling Green, OH |

She is threatening to charge me with harassment and try to make it a federal crime bc she lives in Texas and I live in Ohio. I may not be totally innocent, but I know that I have never ever done or said anything harmful or ill will towards her, at most I can see is that I annoyed her, but not harassed. Last week she threatened me to press charges and I told her like 3 or 4 times I would stop and she just kept going and going on about it. Then today I get another text message (which most messages from her are either facebook, texting and we have talked on the phone too) from her stating that she is pressing charges, and I haven't had any contact with her at all, she said this is because I responded to one of her friends? Makes no sense to me. Should I press charges for harassment?

Plus her friend contacted me and I just responded back to him and I later found out that everything that I told him he went and showed to her? Is that illegal? Plus I am not sure about pressing charges because I don't want charges to be pressed against me. But my friends think that she won't stop and that she will continue to do this until I block her text messages and file a report. So I am not sure what to do but it is frustrating!

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Get off the cell and off the net. Just shut down the communications totally, with her, her friends, her allies -- shut it ALL down. Too much drama can result in legal consequences.

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Stop communicating with her, put this nonsense behind you, and move on with your life.



But could she really press charges against me? I have never ever had anything charged against me, thats what I am really worried about, plus what do I do if she continues to text me, and they are unwanted texts, what should I do then?


As other counsel has advised, you need to cease communication with this woman. Do not fight fire with fire. Walk away.