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What should I do for a reckless driving ticket?

Blacksburg, VA |

I am 23 years old and have a completely clean driving record. I got pulled over for going 83/70 in Virginia. The car I was driving I had purchased the week prior and honestly just didn't realize how fast I was going especially since I wasn't used to the feel of the car. I am absolutely terrified of getting jail time, having to pay thousands of dollars (that I don't have), my insurance going up, and having a criminal record that will negatively impact jobs chances and my future in general. What should I do?

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You should try to fight that, it might at least get reduced, if not dismissed. You might also try hiring a lawyer to defend you.

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Reckless driving is a criminal charge in Virginia and if you're convicted, you could lose your license, as well as go to jail in some circumstances. You need to hire an attorney who can review your facts, gather any evidence and interview possible witnesses.

Good luck.

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First off, don't panic. Second, hire a local criminal defense attorney in the area in which you were charged. Attorneys routinely are successful in reducing reckless driving charges to improper driving or speeding. Even if the Judge comes down hard on you, your attorney can appeal this matter to the Circuit Court and get you a new trial, but this step should not be necessary. Your attorney will likely give you recommendations on things you can do before court that will help your case. Follow your attorney's advice. Best of luck.

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If your violation was in the Western part of the state, there is a good chance this can be kept off your record. Get an attorney to help you.


I have handled charges like yours in Montgomery County and it is possible to get the charges reduced or dismissed and avoid the bad outcomes you describe. Please feel free to give my office a call for a consultation.

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