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What should I do about the rent that is due, but I am moving out?

Covington, KY |

I am currently living in an apartment complex and I am moving out because it is too small for me and my family. The apartment had black mold in the bathroom from the ceiling leaking ablack mold around my windows in the bed rooms. I have told them about this numerouse times. The first time they came they they cut a hole on the ceiling and left it open for like 3 weeks before I had to call and remind them there was a hole and the mold needs to be removed. They came over patched the hole and just painted over the mold and didn't even touch the mold in my rooms. And again about a week ago the water was leaking again and the mold was seaping through much much worse than before. The water was leaking down the walls that the towl rack I dont evem use that was connected to the wall has detached.

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As with any lease your rights and obligations are spelle out in the lease and State Law. You may also live in a community that has adopted the Landlord and Tenant Act. The landlord has duties and obligations relating to the maintanence and repair of the unit. You have duties and obligations relating to the payment of rent. You can't simply refuse to pay because you are unhappy with the landlord. But you can refuse to pay if the landlord's conduct affects health and safety issues and you give proper notice. I suggest you contact a lawyer there in Covington to make sure you follow the appropriate procedures. You can also check with your local legal aid office or Tenant's Union. Good Luck.

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