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What should I do about my warrant?

Delray Beach, FL |

I have a felony warrant in the state of Florida. Florida violated my probation for not showing up @ the probation office 2 weeks after returning to the state. The charge was in Orlando, I live in South Florida. I don't currently have the money for an attorney and I am scared I am going to get arrested for a routine traffic stop or something insignificant. I was thinking of leaving the state but I was told I would be extradited back if I was caught bc it's a "Felony warrant" I don't want to turn myself in without representation @ the mercy of the court. What should I do??

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I don't want to be rude but u got to deal with it. Talk to family, friends and try to get someone retained. There are many lawyers and hopefully you can find someone within your budget.

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If you are indigent and don't have the money to hire a private attorney, and there is a warrant outstanding for your arrest for a felony, you should call the public defender's office and explain your predicament. Most state public defender's offices have an attorney available in the courtroom when people are presented before a judge after being picked up on a warrant. It is always better to turn yourself in, as opposed to waiting to get picked up, because the judge will ultimately have to make a determination whether to detain you pending resolution of the felony, or to release you pending resolution of it. If you turn yourself in, you are showing the court that you are not a flight risk, and that you are willing to face the music. There should be some sort of public defender's office, or other indigent legal services organization in your area. Do a google search and start calling. I wish you much luck.

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I agree with my colleagues. You must deal with this!! Pls talk to your family to help you. You cannot run from this!! Once you think you can hire someone pls feel free to call our office in Orlando. 4072283838