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What should i do about my ticket and license?

Las Vegas, NV |

I got a ticket last year April 2, 2010 its a under age drinking nto may apartment. Im celebrating my birthday that time and someone just complained and call a cops. Then i decided to go back to Philippines by August 2010 but before i left im trying to call them but the service said that "it doesnt file yet" and i decided to go to Philippines and stayed there for almost 11months. Now July 2, 2011 im here in USA and i lost my ticket and license yesterday. What should i do? Pls help me.

Is it possible for me to get a duplicate in DMV? What if they notice that i had a ticket? Are they goin to arrest me at DMV? What steps should i do? what should i do about my ticket? how can i know if i have a warrant or something?

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You should strongly consider hiring an attorney to assist you with quashing any bench warrants so that you do not get arrested. Unfortunately, all the court knows at this point is that you failed to appear in court on the schduled date, even though you were out of the country and did not know. The court will tell you that it is your responsibility to know when your court date is or stay in contact with the court to find out when a matter is assigned a court date.

With respect to your ticket, have your attorney look them up to learn the exact charge or details and then determine how best to deal with them- either plea bargain the case or set it for trial. Every effort should be made to prevent a conviction and keep this off of your record.



Is it true that having a record in the police doesnt matter to the airport if i go back and forth to other country or are they goin to arrest me for doing nothing with that kind of ticket?

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