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What should i do about my driving while suspended license ticket?

Dallas, TX |

I was stopped and received a driving while suspended license citation. I havent been stopped for the same thing before. Because of a DUI I am on probation.. Should i just pay the ticket or will my probation officer find out later? My car was not towed the officer let me call my sister to picke me up and the car.. What should i do?

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Attorney answers 2


Your PO will most likely discover the violation.

You did not state why your license was under suspension but I assume it is because of the DUI conviction. If it is for some other reason, try to take care of whatever issue caused the suspension and reinstate your license before going to court. If the suspension is because of the DUI, you are facing a much more serious problem. You need to consult with local counsel quickly to prepare your defense. You could be facing a jail sentence.

Best of luck.

John Buckley


I would recommend speaking with the attorney that put you on probation or another local criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. It is possible that your probation officer could either find out or could not find out about the DWLS ticket. However, one of your conditions of your probation likely is that report arrests or tickets within a certain amount of time to your PO or that failure to report could constitute a separate violation.