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What should I do about house getting ready to be lost in a tax sale? My adult son owns a home (no mortgage, paid cash).

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The house is worth $165k. I have custody of his 5 year old daughter. He has been in jail for three months for drug charges and will probably get a significant sentence since this is his 3rd drug conviction and he has other criminal convictions. He has not paid real estate taxes in two years. Last year the tax debt was sold at a tax auction. He has until December 7th to redeem the tax debt or the buyer will get a deed to his home. He has a tenant who has not paid rent in 3 months (it is a tatto artist friend of his - no written lease). I am willing to pay the taxes to save the home but only if I can evict the tenant and have authority to rent the house and recover my money. He has no insurance on the house and I want to insure it also.

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You may want to see if he will voluntarily deed the house to you.
If you get the home, you can then evict the tenant.

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I agree that you should see if your son will give you a deed to the property. If he doesn't want to give you a deed, perhaps he'll agree to give you a lien on the house to cover your investment (for tax sale redemption and future taxes/insurance). If he won't give you a deed, maybe he'll appoint you as his agent so you can evict the tenant.

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