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What should I do about a letter from michael ira asen? Should I pay?

San Antonio, TX |

I'm 18 I got caught shoplifting in jcpenny I stole about 40 dollars worth of things but I was with a friend and she stole alot more and they put our things together which resulted in 160 dollars worth of things. We got sent to jail. I got this letter in the mail from Michael Ira Asen saying I have to pay 350 dollars. If I pay will this go off my record? or should I even pay? Please help I dont want to be grounded and jobless for the rest of my life

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I would flush the letter down the toilet if that tells you what I think about it. If you get charged with a crime, contact a criminal defense lawyer and use the $350 you saved to hire him/her.


Your priority needs to be the criminal case. There are many ways to prevent a conviction and ultimately get the case off your record. If you don't already have a defense attorney, start looking for one now. That letter is requesting payment of a civil penalty. It has NO AFFECT whatsoever on the criminal case whether you pay it or don't pay it. If you don't pay the civil penalty, the company does have the right to sue you for it. However, I have never seen them pursue that right.

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