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to day I took a friend to the store and she took so long I went inside too look for her when I didnt find her I went back to my car and there she was waiting but she didnt buy anything after leaving the store I discovered she had stolen from the store I put her out on the side of the road and went home I havent been contacted but I am scared what should I do I honestly didnt know she was going to steal

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This seems to be more of an ethical question than a legal question. You were not the one shoplifting nor participating or encouraging her to do so. If she was not stopped leaving the store, she probably is not going to be arrested. In the highly unlikely event that store owners review surveillance video and sees her stealing, they could call police if they have your vehicle license plate. If that were to happen, then you should ask to speak to your lawyer before answering questions because you do not want to make any admissions that could be misconstrued against you.


This is one of those questions that depends on how people view things in your specific town.

You say you were absolutely not involved with the other person stealing.

I suggest you call a criminal defense lawyer who practices IN ROSENBERG - most give the first consult free - and seek advice about how to proceed.

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