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What should I do? I slipped & fell on water in the entry way of a grocery store...

Spokane, WA |

 I was at Albertsons last night and was leaving the store walking out the o ly doors which were open, walked out the first set of doors and then found myself on the floor. Upon standing up I noticed a puddle of water on the floor (of which there was one of those ice coolers just feet away). my ankle twisted and I had a difficult time walking. I went in and filled out paperwork and am waiting to hear back from the manager and then ultimately the insurance company I guess. I don't have much money so I wasn't going to go into the ER to be seen even with my insurance that costs hundreds of dollars. I woke up this morning and not only is my ankle swollen and its hard to walk but my heel & calf now hurt as well as my knee feeling like it's going to pop out with each step I take. While siting & elevating it my leg starts to tingle and nearly feel like its going numb. I'm not sure what to do next. I am unsure if I should go to the doctor to have it looked at because I'm worried I will end up having to pay for the medical costs if Albertsons insurance denies the claim since it's most likely just a sprain or strain, but I'm worried it may be more. I did not even think of taking pictures of where I fell or getting anyone's name or number who was around when I fell. my boyfriend was with me and there was a camera at the entry way but nothing more. If you could please let me know what I should do next I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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It is always unfortunate when someone is injured, and I hope you recover quickly and fully. In order to increase your likelihood of receiving fair compensation for your injuries, it will be critical to (1) receive medical treatment to properly assess your injuries and (2) to consult a local attorney. Delay in taking either of these steps can be detrimental to your claim. Free consultation is available, and a face to face meeting with a local personal injury attorney experienced with premises liability claims will likely help you navigate this situation.

As has been said, slip and fall injury (premises liability) claims can sometimes be difficult to prosecute, but a review of the facts (source of the water/substance, how long it had been there, had anyone else noticed it, area lighting, floor surface type, type of footwear being worn, etc.) leading to the fall will be necessary for a proper evaluation. Along with this, in order to properly evaluate any claim, you will need to have some understanding of the actual nature and extent of your injuries.

My advice is to immediately contact a local attorney for a consultation.

Ryan D. Poole Kirkpatrick & Startzel, P.S. 509.455.3647 The information presented here is general in nature and is not intended, nor should be construed, as legal advice. This posting does not create any attorney-client relationship with the author. For specific advice about your particular situation, consult your own attorney.


First of all, even if you don't have money or insurance the hospital has to treat you. The longer you wait for treatment, the less credibility you have in terms of getting compensated. Slip and fall cases are tough, but the only way you have a chance of maximizing your chances of succeeding is to retain counsel in your area, and getting treatment for your ankle.



Thank you very much for your advice. I will continue with what I'm doing. Thank you again


Consult with a local personal injury attorney immediately


I agree with the previous answers and the find a lawyer tab above should help you find a lawyer quickly and that is important.
Good Luck

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First, find a way to get medical attention. If you are concerned about high bills, find a walk-in clinic as opposed to going to a hospital ER, which tend to be more expensive. But no matter what, get someone qualified to look at it.

Second, call a local personal injury attorney. Premises liability (slip and fall) cases are extremely challenging, especially when the substance you slip on is water. Generally speaking, Washington State law provides self-service store owners with a notice protection (the store had to be, or should have been on notice of the water for it to be responsible for it). Eyewitnesses are key. If a video camera caught what happened, a letter warning against spoliation (deleting the video footage) is always sent right away as most stores only keep it for a short time.

Check AVVO for lawyers that specialize in premises liability claims, or general personal injury. Call more than one and explain the facts of your circumstances to get an idea of the viability of your claim.

Good luck.

This response does not constitute representation or the formation of the attorney/client relationship.


Get medical treatment, and retain a local personal injury lawyer

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