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What should I do? Do I have a case? Should I bring the tenant to court or landlord?

Norwalk, CT |

I've been having a noisy problem with my upstairs neighbor, they have kids and I'm not expecting to be quiet 24/7, but their kids even the parents are purposely making noise. I talked to one of the resident that lives in the apartment and he told me himself and i have a witness who was there. I tried talking to them, went to the police, sent letters to the landlord, and I even went to city hall and nothing has changed they continue to make noise and it's effecting with my school I can't sleep in class. I kept most of the letters I sent to the landlord, I have the email I sent to city hall, I have recordings of them making noise and I probably can get the police reports if this has to be handled in a way legal

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Two questions, first is what do you want to do about this? fix the problem or leave? To fix the noise, you need to convience the Landlord to soundproof their floor or your ceiling. To leave is the simpler solution as you would claim a breach of the "covenant of quiet enjoyment". Give the landlord written notice with deadline. After deadline, move out giving LL opportunity for final inspection. Then make demand for deposits and if appropriate, the cost of moving and difference between old and new rent, until the end of this term.