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What should I do? My shoes/clothes are molding with something green and still no resolution. paid rent late but in same month.

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Moved into condo. There was no walk thru /no power/ water on when we were shown the place. They did not clean it up and asked us to have the services turned on in our name first in order to clean up the interior. Bad fridge with mold but that replaced, sinks with no drainage, bathroom commode flapper is leaking water turn it off/ stand in shower in master bedroom is clogged water stands for 2 hours after each shower. email and physically sent a letter to the mngmnt office to correct issues, which in turn they sent a random person to come and "fix". No changes. I have even recieved a notice from my water/power company that there is a leak in the unit and I must have it repaired. When i advised mgmnt office she said there is NO leak. My water usage is 2x norm.Now she is going eviction route?

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Ask Landlord to fix issues and if he won't than move out and argue constructive eviction.

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You must send a letter certified mail to management stating that they have 7 days to fix the problem or you will withhold rent. Be very specific in listing and detailing each problem.

After the 7 days, you may withhold the rent.

You can also advise in the letter that you may pay money to fix the problem if they don't do it after 7 days and then deduct the amount from your rent.

You can also send a different 7 day letter, detailing the problems, and stating that you will consider the contract terminated and move out after the 7 days if they don't fix the problems.

Any letter that you mail, you should send certified. Also, you can leave a copy with the office and/or email them a copy. If you know the owner's name and address, you can also send them a copy certified mail.

Good luck!


Has an eviction been filed? If so, you need an attorney immediately. You have only 5 days to respond to the eviction summons

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