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What should I do.....PERIOD!! Need a Low Cost or Pro Bono Attorney, not sure what kind yet! But It has gotten really Serious!

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Currently on Calworks (aid). I have majority custody (70%) of my three children 3, 6, and 9. My kids mother is ordered to pay child support ($417) which goes to the county of Sac but is so upset about having to pay, that she reported me to the fraud of welfare claiming that I am making a ridiculous amount of money plus on aid which I am not. I do currently have 1 active business on file with the state but it is not making any money. My current girlfriend helps out. I have been trying to earn to get off aid by trying to get a job or clients but, this investigators has contact past clients, new clients, jobs that I've interviewed with and more disclosing my personal business about this case and more. I haven't been charged but I'm not being told anything and it's preventing me from working.

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You have a couple of problems. (1) Welfare fraud is a serious problem and a crime. For this you should seek the advice of a criminal attorney -- you may find one that gives a free consultation - take advantage of that and explain everything to them. (2) Support -- is calculated based upon income, timeshare and taxes - so if you have extra income it should be reported and support adjusted accordingly. If you are being prevented from getting jobs because people are concerned about what is happening with investigators and the like, you don't have income and they aren't hiring you so there will be no information that they can use against you in the fraud claim, right? On the other hand, if you have done past business with clients who have reported their payments to you and you have failed to account for those things in your reporting then you may have a problem. ...and we are back to #1. You should get the advice of an attorney as soon as possible - and don't talk about this case with anyone other than an attorney until you find out more.

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It is not likely you'll find an attorney willing to donate tens of thousands of dollars and hours and hours of time on this type of personal dispute.

Pro bono is short for the Latin pro publico bono that means FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD.