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What should I be expecting? first offence, DUI.

Fort Collins, CO |
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Likely an offer of a DWAI, an 8 point offense and possibly an underage drinking charge. They will likely lower the DUI and dismiss the DUI per se because your .09 was so close to the .08 limit in CO. Whatever they offer you if you show up alone, ask for a continuance to get the discovery and run the discovery and the offer by a private attorney. There are plenty of issues that the attorney will want to examine.

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You are facing some very severe consequences. You are looking at losing your license for 1 year and potential jail time followed by probation, monitored sobriety, alcohol classes, community service, etc.

You really need to consider hiring a DUI defense attorney.

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There are two initial issues here with your case. First, you are under 21 so you will face certain consequences just for that. The second issue are the elements of your charges and in Colorado there are fairly cut and dried consequences for a first offense DUI or DWAI. What you did not ask about and what is really important is that a good DUI attorney could make a big difference in the out come of your case. I would strongly recommend making a couple of appointments with some DUI appointments, they are usually free consultations, and talk to them and see what they are charging. The money you pay to a good DUI attorney you could get back in him or her doing a good job with your case and saving you costs and fines and some substantial consequences in your case. Just because you are charged does not mean that you are guilty. Often the government makes mistakes in their investigation of a case and often the DUI attorney can obtain additional information which makes a difference in your case. Also, many DUI lawyer have payment plans so shop around. You are very young to have this on your record for the rest of your life. Good luck.

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In Fort Collins you are looking at a DWAI or possibly a deferred judgment and sentence, but so much depends on the facts of the case. You should seek out a local attorney that knows the court system here and what to expect from the district attorney.

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