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What should be done to a President of The United States who goes against a Constitutional right?

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would this act cause him to be considered for empeachment?

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Whether to impeach a President is a political question to be decided by Congress. The constitution allows impeachment only for "high crimes and misdemeanors." Simply identify the crimes you believe were committed, and then persuade a majority of Congress to impeach him, then persuade a majority of the Senate to convict him.

A more effective remedy would be to file a court action seeking the court to issue an injunction prohibiting the President from taking this or that action you claim to be unconstitutional.

Neither action is likely to work, in light of: (1) he just won an election, showing the majority of voters are happy with his performance in office; (2) I do not know of any constitutional rights that the President has violated, and you have not named any; (3) since the President is not a dictator and does not act alone except sometimes in the area of foreign policy, if you were going to impeach the President, you would have to also impeach the members of Congress who passed the laws whose enforcement you believe to be unconstitutional; (4) the only Presidents who have ever been impeached have been impeached for real crimes, not for disagreeing with you about what the constitution requires or forbids; (5) you apparently have no court ruling declaring the President's actions to be unconstitutional.

If you could identify the area where the President has acted unconstitutionally, and the constitutional provision that he violated, that would help attorneys to provide a better answer. Note that "unconstitutional" in my answer means unconstitutional in the opinion of the Supreme Court or Congress. Your own opinion that something is unconstitutional will not carry much weight with Congress.

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