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What should be done if released and still in pain ? What happens if I went to emergency when going to work shift ?

Bradyville, TN |

Was out for 6 weeks due to back injury at work. Got MRI doctor stated he saw no problems. Went to physical therapy they told me that MRI don't show everything. Completed therapy with little improvement. Had nerve testing done and they said no nerve damage. Doctor stated that just means your nerves are not damaged but you can still be in pain. Went back to specialist and numbing on right side I couldn't walk straight ..on heels..on ball of feet as a normal person would. He stated nothing more he could do and he was releasing me Back to full duty. I went back and was numb from waist down after driving. I went to ER due to the hour of day. ER doctor said I might have a herniated disc and took me off work. Help...I don't want to injury myself more . What can I do ?

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You need to speak to a local workers compensation attorney as soon as possible. You are in a difficult situation and don't want to get injured further. The first consultation should be free so find a good attorney that practices mainly in this area of the law.


I have changed your practice area to Employment.

Call 615-736-9596 for consultation. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship. This answer is for information only. Call me or another attorney to represent you.


You can hire a WC Attorney to make sure that your treating doctors make you better instead of worse.

I represent Employers, but I can recommend Worker Attorneys in So Cal if you ask.


You can retain a local workers compensation lawyer


Based upon the limited information provided, you should consider requesting a second opinion. If the insurance company is not agreeable--hire an attorney.

-This response to an anonymous query does not create an attorney-client relationship and should not be relied upon as legal advice as to any particular matter. A legal analysis of the specific facts of each case, not just the information provided in the query, is necessary to analyze a case and to give legal advice. -I have not investigated your case and am expressing no opinion as to its merits or the likelihood of whether you would prevail. -I strongly recommend that you consult an attorney about this matter without delay to ensure your rights will not be lost or jeopardized. Time limits may apply to any claim you may have against third parties. If you wish to proceed with your claim, it is important to act immediately. Failure to do so may bar your claim based upon time limits established by statutory law, court rules or case law. If your claim is barred based upon time limits, you will not be able to pursue any action to recover damages or other relief. Because I do not represent you, I have not researched and have not advised you regarding the application of time limits to any claims you may have.

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