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What should a Florida renter do to fight an apartment eviction after having been assaulted twice on the property?

Tallahassee, FL |

I am a Florida resident living in an apartment complex. I have a nine year old son who has been repeatedly bullied on the property. Management told me they would not get involved in issues between children.

I was assaulted by one of the bullies' mother and was served with a 7 day non-compliance notice over the incident. I am now being evicted after being assaulted by another adult resident who was bullying my son. Management then served me with a second 7 day notice and insisted I move out within 30 days.

Management refused to evict the first assailant and her family for repeated non-compliance after serving them with a 7 day notice. I am now being evicted because I called the police after being assaulted… twice.

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If you wish to fight the eviction, you should hire a lawyer who specializes in landlord tenant issues and file the answer as required.

This answer does not establish an attorney client relationship and is just my opinion based upon the limited facts presented.


I am confused, you want to fight to stay at a place where you are be assaulted by other tenants? I would suggest that you try to work with the LL to simply let you out of the lease and move somewhere safe for you and your child. Though you can defend the eviction, it sounds like the consensus of other tenants and LL is against you, and this may prove a problem for you in court. While you have the right to be heard, there is no corresponding right to have the court agree with you and hiring a lawyer could be fairly expensive in this instance if local legal aid will not represent you.