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What's the time in jail for sales of narcotic

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If it was more than 9 grams, it's mandator prison 3 to 12.5. If under, you could get probation. But, if the offenses occurred on a seperate occassion, they could increase the sentence higher.


If you are charged with three counts of class 2 felony sale of narcotic drugs the amount of time you face depends on the facts of the case. First, you can be charged with sale of drugs under two scenarios: 1) You were caught in a hand to hand transaction. In this type of case it does not matter how much of the drug you had, it only matters that they can prove that you were possessing that drug in order to sell it. 2) You were caught in possession of a large quantity of drugs. Here, it doesn't matter if the state cannot prove that you were in the act of selling it, the mere fact that you had an amount "over the threshold" is what is important. The threshold amount depends on the type of drug. The following are the threshold amounts for the most common drugs: Cocaine, 9 grams or more (powder form) or 750 milligrams or more (rock form). Amphetamine & Methamphetamine, 9 grams or more. LSD, 2 pounds or more. PCP, 4 grams or 50 milliters. Marijuana, 2 pounds or more.

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