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What's the sentence for 4 counts of larceny over 250 being jewelry with no prior record in massachussetts

Greenfield, MA |

I stole jewelry from people who I knew, out of their homes. Some worth alot of money, I pond all the jewelry for money. I have confessed to the police now I am being charged with 4 counts of larceny over $250, I have no prior criminal record.

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Take the description off your question. All of it. It is a confession that can be tracked by the police and used against you. It is possible that there was a problem with the confession, and a defense attorney can assist you in determining whether that is the case. The penalty will depend upon the circumstances, including whether any of the alleged victims was over 65. Each charge can be handled either in district court (likely) or superior court. While the circumstances could result in something as lenient as a long term of probation with restitution (pay back) for the alleged victims, it could also result in signficant incarceration. It will depend on the circumstances whether house of corrections commitment (2.5 years for each charge, maximum, either served together or consecutively), or state prison commitment woud be the result.

Your personal reasons for having done so will also come into play. You need to be in contact with a defense lawyer as soon as possible and STOP talking with the police.

Good luck.

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You need to do three things: 1- get a lawyer right away; 2- stop talking to the police; 3- stop posting details of your case online in any forum.

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Presumably you did this to support a habit. If that is the case, an attorney may be willing to convince the judge and the prosecutor to take it easy on you if you agree to a drug treatment program.

Best of luck.

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First off, do not post anything else online about this and do not speak to the police about it. You need to hire a criminal defense attorney ASAP. Each count of Larceny over $250 is a felony crime and if it remains in the District Court, thus it is not indicted to superior court, then the maximum sentence is 2.5 years per count. However, no one on here without being involved in the case can tell you the outcome it can range from a dismissal to 10 years jail. Get an Attorney ASAP.

David Newton, Esq.

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