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What's the process to get my license reinstated with full privledges, and can it be done from another state?

Blue Ball, PA |

I got my 2nd DUI in Illinois is 2007 - license revoked. Satisfied all sentence terms except fines -$1700.00 which went to "collection". I also moved to Pennsylvania which compounds the situation. I've srastically changed my life since then. I'm a sober Christian working in ministry helping others restore their lives in the same way. I have backup for the case from the ministry: Pastor, mentor, etc. (letters and such)

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Unfortunately, Pennsylvania cannot issue a license to you while you are suspended/revoked in another state. The first step in the process is to try to resolve your license issues in Illinois.

I suggest you repost the question and change your location to Illinois. In that way, an Illinois lawyer will be more likely to view your question and provide a more comprehensive response.


Your ability to secure a Pennsylvania license will remain in limbo until you have satisfied the requirements in Illinois. It is suggested you go back to the attorney who represented you there to resolve this.


I'm as usual in agreement with Attorneys Morgan and Keller. You will get no relief here in PA until the Illinois issues are completely resolved which will undoubtedly require the assistance of an attorney licensed in that state. It's conceivable that all you need is guidance on what you yourself can accomplish in that regard; reposting to Illinois lawyers or contacting your previous counsel there are both excellent ideas. Good luck.

William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


This additional comment on my part is in response to Attorney Harvatin's unprofessional answer to your question. Now I may be off base here; perhaps you to thought that the attorneys in your state who posted answers failed to answer you question. On the other hand if you think as I do that you received responsive answers, let me add the following. I don't personally know Mr. Harvatin nor do I know Rose, but if she is a full time dealing with this very problem, chances are she's not working for free nor is her employer paying her to give out free assistance. The point of the PA responses was for you to be in contact with attorneys licensed in Illinois for guidance--hopefully without the need to hire them or their specially dedicated employees. I would still urge you to do so. I agree that you will have to pay the fines off. (pretty obvious) The rest may be as simple as contacting Illinois' bureau of licensing to make sure they are aware the fines are paid in full and to ask for guidance from them to clear your way to obtain a PA license. Don't spend money unless you conclude definitively that there is no other way to accomplish our goal. Good luck.

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