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What's the minimum hours per week of work a part time H1b employee could be hired?

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I'm a startup, need to hire an adviser who works full time on H1b for another employer. Right now I just need this adviser for very limited say 1 or 2 hours per week to guide me on an area that he is really good at.
1a- Can I apply 1 hr / week part time concurrent H1B visa for him to work with me??
1b- Is there a minimum hrs/week for the part time concurrent H1b visa?
2- Say after 6 months or an year, can I apply to USCIS to change the approved hours from 1 to say 10?

Based on the two answers below regarding minimum hours, it appears that opinion of experts differ: Has anyone filed + got approval for a part time H1b (concurrent) below 20 hours? How many hours could I safely get approved? Currently I've 4 other advisers with whom I have weekly 1 hour meetings - they are Citizens so I don't have to apply H1b for them, they've their own LLCs and it's easy for them to bill me 4 hrs/month.

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You need to consult with an immigration attorney about al aspects of the petition. This is not the last question you will have. 20 hours is a minimum.

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We have never applied for an H-1B worker at less than 20 hours per week.

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Although there is no minimum, the hours must make sense. 1-2 hours per week do not make sense.

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