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What's the longest time a divorce lawyer can make the divorce process last for?

Los Angeles, CA |

Is it possible for a good divorce attorney to stretch the process as long as 3 years in order to buy time?

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Almost impossible, unless the case is quite complex.



I've been in the process for 3 years now. If the party across the table is an abuser and has an attorney that specializes in taking adults rights away you are in for the long haul. And then there is the hurdle of protracted pointless litigation after the decree is granted.


My colleague from California answered you specifically. Each state has different time standards within which a divorce shall be completed. On many, if not most occasions, divorces take a bit longer. If the matter is incredibly complicated and discovery somehow involves out of state witnesses, expert evaluations, forensic accounting and business type evaluations on top of interviews, investigations and inspection of records, you may be able to prolong the process. However, you must have valid reasons for the requests or you could face discovery sanctions. There are some incredible attorneys in LA, I suggest you interview a few. Take care, and I wish you all the best.

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I would argue that you need a bad divorce attorney to stretch a case that long, not a good one.

Robert Ricci, Jr., Esq.
Rahway, New Jersey

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