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What's the difference between divorce and dissolution? Is one cheaper than the other?

Dayton, OH |

I want to do this the least expensive as I can since my husband doesn't work and refuses to help me pay for this

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The difference between a divorce and a dissolution is that in a dissolution both parties agree to every aspect of the separation including custody, support, and division or property and debt. If the parties can not agree a divorce is required which may require a trial to the court where the court will divide up the property and hear testimony about the best interest of the children. A dissolution is typically cheaper because it does not require the trial preparation and hours of attorneys fees. I handle these types of cases in the Dayton area and offer a free initial consultation. If you would like to schedule a free consultation please contact me at the information below.

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I agree with Mr. Beck on the difference. The other question regarding cost though is different. If in order to get an agreement for a dissolution you have wo waive pension benefits to which you are entitled and the amount to you would have been tens of thousands of dollars-far more than a divorce.

If it is a spousal support case for you but you have to waive it to get an agreement, then divorce can be much cheaper.

These are but two considerations but really, talk to an attorney about what is fair. Cheap today can be very expensive tomorrow.


Dissolution is usually less expensive but if he's a foot-dragger or refuses to divide assets in a fair fashion you'll have to file for divorce and ask for the assets to be divided, then engage in what's called discovery to obtain details about the assets so they can be included in the final decree.

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