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What's the difference between a "petition of dissolution" and a "judgement of dissolution"

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So, a "petition of dissolution" is different than a "judgement of dissolution"? I can get divorced 6 months after the the "petition of dissolution" is filed, right?

a service provided thru a third party? I don't understand....I filed all the papers at the court they said they couldn't finish them til I got the last thng because we had a house, kids and pensions...I filed the papers Feb of 2008 and I have to wait another 6 months to get divorced? after I file the judgement of dissolution, then get a summons? what is that for? I'm not understanding the steps needed to finish it...

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It's the difference between "the beginning" and "the end" - to begin a divorce, one files a Petition for Dissolution and after completing the necessary procedural requirements, one files a Judgment for Dissolution to end the divorce - after either a default (the other side doesn't respond), a written settlement, or a trial.

It is not correct that you can get divorced six months after filing - it has to be 6 months after service providing...thru a 3rd party.... a copy of the Petition, along with a Summons,etc., to your spouse. And note that this doesn't happen automatically - steps must be taken by you to get the Judgment. Go to the self-help center at the court.

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