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What's the cost of a NYS tkt for tinted windows?

Brooklyn, NY |

Got 2 separate tkts by NYPD today for tinted windows, 24%. How much is each ticket? (It didn't say). If I take off the tint, at a cost of $20 per window, are the tkts dismissed?

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I never got one, but a friend got one for five windows and he paid $160. The tickets will likely not be dismissed if you take off the tint after the fact. Perhaps,and its only a perhaps, you can go in and explain you did not realize that the the tint was too dark, and upon learning that it was you removed it. Show them the tint and the receipt, and you might be able to talk the fine down.


Unfortunately, in NYC these matters are handled in a TVB and not in a court and there is no plea bargaining. It is not a defense if you take the tint off after the fact. The judge will find you guilty or not guilty and impose a fine. Who knows maybe the cop won't show up and then the tickets will get dismissed. If not I believe each ticket is about $75. If you had the tint removed there might be a chance that the judge would reduce the amount you have to pay. Remember though, the only windows that tint is regulated on is the windshield and front two windows, so of the cop was petty and wrote out numerous tickets some of them could indeed be dismissed


Tickets can be dismissed upon repair but no guarantees.

The fine is set by the judge if found guilty and surcharge is $85.

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