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What's the best way to get a local judge to rule fairly on motions?

Marietta, GA |

A friend of mine is involved in a case where her lawyer already told her the judge would rule against her motion and let the court of appeal decide because the state spent to much on case and can't kill the case in motions

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Judges are impartial arbiters - unless you can prove with sufficient and convincing evidence they have been bribed or are otherwise unable to impartially and dispassionately consider the pending case. It takes a lot of evidence to prove something like that.

Besides that, the defense attorney needs to argue facts and law and win. Just like in any other case. Motion practice can be done very well and very averagely depending not only on the attorney's experience and attention to detail but also on what the facts and law are. Having a motion denied is very commonplace for any attorney that has ever done any litigation - it is not the end of the day, all that matters is the ethos of "Win, baby, win" when you get a not guilty verdict or even a mistrial in certain circumstances.

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