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What's the 1st step for a divorce?

Brunswick, GA |

Living apart since 2003. Living in separate states. I want a divorce, when I left in 2003 it was a communable separation then. There are no kids involved. Now that I am working again I want to restart/finalize getting a divorce from my wife.

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If your spouse is willing to give you a divorce you should commence a case in the State where you reside and have her sign all the necessary divorce documents in order for it to be an "uncontested divorce". If you have a Seperation Agreement, that may also be used as a basis of your divorce. Keep in mind, if there are children under the age of 18 from this marriage, then child support and may be custody will become an issue.

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Hello. I am sorry the first response was a) from a lawyer outside the jurisdiction and b) clearly did not read your question.

From your posting, I understand you live in Georgia You do not state where your wife is living. The first step is to check with your wife to see if you have agreement as to all issues. That will make life far simpler, and less expensive. If so, look for a firm (such as mine) that does uncontested divorces in your area.

If not, you will need to file for divorce, and have her served. For this process, you will need a good attorney, specializing in divorce in this area. I would be glad to meet with you about this as well.