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What's my rights for my privacy in my own home?

Adelanto, CA |

I was recently told that my husband put up cameras/recorders inside our home by my children without my knowledge, is he allowed to do that?

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You need to contact a local lawyer... but generally an owner is free to put up cameras in his house. What he does with the video may be another story. But every state has different privacy laws so it is hard for me to say with certainty. If this is the activity going on, you may want to contact a family lawyer.

Howard M Lewis

Howard M Lewis


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I am sorry that you are going through this. The home is as much yours as it is his, the cameras are "creepy" and the court will not like this, find a lawyer and use his or her PI to take pictures of the cameras and then bring a motion to the court to have them removed, if he won't remove them, you should consider filing a civil/ criminal action if appropriate. take care and hope that things work out.

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Thank you so much for responding, yes it's extremely creepy, I'm going to have to do something about this!!


Under some circumstances, yes. You should consult a local attorney.


California is a community property state. It's quite likely [though not for certain] that both the house and the cameras are community property -- which means that you, as half of the community, are an owner of the house and the cameras. Speak with your own family law attorney but I see no reason why you simply can't remove the cameras yourself.

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