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What's a good price to look for when hiring a DUI attorney?

Brentwood, NY |
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1,500-2500 is the range where I live. Ny may be more expensive but probably not more than a 25 percent differential.

Robert West


That depends on the facts of the case, the complexity, the county and your background.
Unfortunately we are not permitted to discuss fees on this site. Your best off finding an attorney you like and discussing fees with him directly. It doesn't take that much time to do a case review and have a fee quoted. Most attorneys will do this over the phone.


Hiring an attorney is like getting married. There is a attorney out there for every style, temperament and price point. What you need to consider is what you have at risk and what it is worth to you to get quality advice and guidance to help you out of the situation you find yourself in.

For instance, taking your dui example there is a wide range of exposure depending but the exact type of charges pending, the criminal and driving records of the individuals involved, and whether there will be any consequential impacts as a result of a conviction. A person with multiple dwi/dui's is going to have a greater exposure then a first timer, while a professional driver, a doctor, or a politician may have sever consequences from even a first time dui.

Most qualified attorneys will charge based upon their experience level, the amount of work involved and the nature of the risk to the individual. Thus, I would be very careful of any attorney who throws around numbers to you without even getting the basic facts of the case, such as your prior criminal and driving history, the jurisdiction where you were arrested, and whether an accident or injuries were involved.

While I am sure you can find a bargain basement attorney to represent you, it is true in legal profession as it is every where else - you get what you pay for.

Good luck,
Andrew R. Miller, Esq.


There are few crimes that have the potential to impact someone's life the way a DWI arrest can. Like most crimes, the prospect of potentially going to jail is a scary one but there are many additional potential consequences of a DWI case. The State via the NYPD Legal Bureau might try to seize ownership of your car in a separate civil lawsuit. Your insurance rates will likely increase drastically. Your privilege to drive in New York State will likely be suspended or revoked; this might affect any out of state license you may have. You will face a court-ordered evaluation of your drinking habits. You may be required to attend mandatory alcohol counseling. You may be rquired to wear an alocohol monitoring device on your ankle at great cost to yourself. You may also need to install an automobile ingnition interlock device on any car you drive regularly, again at your own expense. Plus there are fines and court costs as well as a Drinking Drivers Program required by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Choosing the wrong DWI defense attorney can cost you money in ways that most people never consider. You need to find an attorney who stays on top of the latest Innovative DUI trial tools and combines that with relentless DWI cross examination to minimize or eliminate the terrible consequences of a DWI arrest. Saving money on a "good priced" lawyer may cost you more money in the long run..

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Richard C. Southard

Richard C. Southard


You may want to ask potential lawyers what percentage of their practice is devoted to DWI cases as well.

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