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What rights do we have in a Right to hire right to fire state?

Cocoa, FL |

I was fired from my job on Feb.20,2009 and it was reported to Unemployment as being fired for misconduct when in reality the company was just trying to find a reason to break our contract. Before the appeal no one wanted to hear my storie but once I had the appeal and the responce was that I was was fired for anything BUT misconduct I started getting a bunch of mail offering me Lawyer services. My question is,do I or do I not have a right to sue for wrongfull termination if Unemployment verified that it was so? I live in FL. which is a "Right to hire right to fire state" but I think what they did to me deserves to be looked into. I thank anybody that can give me advise on what to do......

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Based on your description you may have a breach of contract claim if your contract prohibited termination except for misconduct and it was for a defeinite term or duration. Although there may be exceptions to the employment at will doctrine that could apply depending on the employer's motive for the termination, if the motive was to find a reason to get out of the contract, it is not likely that you would have a valid wrongful discharge claim apart from the possible breach of contract. In order to fully evaluate your situation you should consult with an attorney and review all possible motives for the termination.