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What rights do I have after an 11 year domestic partnership with domestic violence history?

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My long term relationship with my partner had a history of domestic violence. After the last severe beating where he also attacked and beat my 20 year old daughter sending us both to the hospital. I pressed charges and left. I was attending college to earn my culinary decree while working part time. Due to injuries and unable to concentrate I have had to take leave of absence from both. He makes $115,000 a year.Do I have any rights regarding any settlement from him? He inherited the home we lived in after we were together. I worked full time until last December and contributed everything to the household. I'm now homeless, no income. Is there anything I can file regarding the violence?I filed a claim against his homeowners insurance for assault.If I sign anything will I lose other rights

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Homeowner's insurance is not going to cover intentional torts like this. Your daughter and you should both:

Call the police
Move for a protective order against him
After that, I would consider suing him for monetary damages. At the very least you should get your medical bills covered along with some pain and suffering damages.

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Yes, you may have some potential recovery from your former partner. you should contact an attorney who specializes in family law and personal injury law. You can call your local or state bar association and ask for referrals, or ask any trusted friends or colleagues if they have had good experiences with any particular family law or personal injury attorneys and contact those referrals. Most personal injury attorneys will offer a no cost initial consultation and work on contingency fee (meaning the fee is paid out of any money you win in the lawsuit.) The attorney will be able to assess your strategic options and give you some advice about how to proceed. You should consult with an attorney before you accept and sign any offer from an insurance company in this matter.

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I like the idea someone said about a personal injury attorney family lawyer combination. It's not necessary that the attorney specialize in both, but it would be nice. If you have to choose between one or the other, go with a personal injury attorney. Whatever is a crime, you can also sue in civil court. Think the Goldman family suing OJ for wrongful death and winning after jury acquitted him in murder case.

Any evidence from any criminal action: arrest reports, incident reports, statements, 911 calls will probably be admissible in a civil action case. But the clock in ticking.