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What rights do i have after a surgery which has been done in year 2005,which caused me physical and pyscologic damage?

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During a work accident working for Anderlecht community in Brussels Belgium.I went to the hospital.The doctor told me after an x ray that i need a surg.There was no briefing given or nothing signed.No questions about former in U.S. or Germany U.K.
The it d be done by local anesthesia.But the doctor started before the effect.There was a terrible pain so i told him to stop.He kept on goin.I told him that the pain is unstandable.he said he it to ease the pain.he d put some product on
he sprayed the blue sterilization liquid on the open wound.It didn t work.There s more he did but that s hard to tell to not to disgust you.He ruined my life.Plus the surg done was unnecessary.Didnt help me at all.Just worsened my life.Stationed under NATO civilian worker for USAF AF

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It is likely too late to pursue a claim. There also may be sovereign immunity issues. Consult with an attorney in your area to fully evaluate the claim. Best of luck.

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The statute of limitations may have run such that your claims may be barred. Run, don't walk, to a local lawyer who can review your case to determine if the statue of limitations has run and to advise you on the merits of your case.


I would imagine the statute of limitations has run, but have a local lawyer check for you.

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