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What rights and duties does the executor of a will have

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my older sister is the executor of my sisters will, she pass away 1 1/2 years ago. my sister that passed away attorney has told the rest of my brothers and sisters all paper work is done. my sister the executor had told us nothing. what can we do to fine out what is going on. my sisters will has it we all split up even what she left which we all have a copy of her will. thanks for your time and help

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There are personal representatives not executors in Florida. That person has the obligation to marshal the assets and notify creditors and heirs and probate the Estate to conclusion. If you are an heir you are entitled to notice of the probate. if you have not gotten that, then you should check the circuit court records for the county of your sister's death to see if the probate was ever filed. If not filed and you have the will you can and should go to an attorney to have it probated. If probate filed, then hire an attorney to handle your claims, if any, as an heir.

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Your sister, as the Personal Representative, has the fiduciary obligation to keep you informed on the progess of the estate proceedings. If she refuses to do her job, I highly recommend you hire an attorney to force the issue and have her surcharged with any costs and expenses you may incur.

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Ask your sister, through her attorney, for a full accounting of the estate. If everything was done properly, this seems like more than enough time to get all the creditors paid and marshal assets together. If she refuses, the beneficiaries (including you) will need to hire their own attorney to find out what is going on.

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