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What repercussions could I expect if I told my mother that she can only see my children if she comes over to my house?

Humble, TX |

Does she have rights to see them? The relationship between my mother and I is very destructive. She has assaulted me on two occasions over the past 4 years. Now my wife and I don't want anything to do with her. When I was a teenager (15 years ago) she claimed to be bi-polar and my brothers and I feel like she needs to be on her medication again. She got off of medication after becoming a Christian; supposedly getting control of her mental issues. But they're back in my opinion. Now I don't want my kids to be exposed to her violent mood swings. I would prefer to have nothing to do with her but she says that she has rights to see her grandchildren. I want to tell her that if she wants to see them then she can come to my house;I don't want her taking them to her house. We live 5 minutes part.

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Under normal circumstances, it's actually very difficult for a grandparent to get any kind of rights to see a grandchild. It's pretty unlikely that she'd be able to meet that burden, and unless and until she somehow manages that, you and your wife are the ones with full authority to decide whether he gets to see your kids at all, and what the circumstances are if she does.



Thank you for your feedback. Someone brought to my attention that "grandparents" rights exist and I wouldn't put it past her; but knowing all she'd have to go through to get them I feel better.


She can sue for grand parents rights, but will have to hire an Attorney and file a petition first. The number one concern is the protection of your children. No Judge will grant access if she is violent and harmful. Especially if she views treating a disease with religion. You have the absolute right to set the time, place and conditions to see your children.

Providing general answers are meant to help the poster to understand some complex legal concepts and in no way creates an attorney-client relationship.



Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad to know my rights.


The law gives parents the right to determine who will have access to their children. That includes grandparents. You mother could file a lawsuit to get 'grandparents' rights, but grandparent rights are very limited. There is a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that limits grandparents rights and there is Texas law that follows the US Supreme Ct ruling. Your mother does not have 'rights' to see your children unless a court orders those rights. Just say NO!!

I recommend that you consult with an attorney regarding this matter.



Thank you for your feedback. I feel better know that I have the right to say NO.

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