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What recourse do I have when my ex husband forges my signature on an auto title to remove my name when the court ordered it sold

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My ex-husband and I have been fighting over a $150,000 dollar Porsche that was court ordered to be sold as part of the divorce settlement with both parties can an equal share of the equity. Instead of selling it, my ex-husband forged my name on the title, removed my name completely from the title and added his new domestic partner to the title. The original loan was for $80,000, as we put $70,000 down in August 2004. When my ex removed my name from the title, It was in November 08. The loan was a 5 year loan with payments @ approximately $1700/month. There was roughly a $15,000 balance left on the car in November 2008. DMV paperwork states a new loan was taken out on the car for $140,000. This a clear attempt to hide assets from the court. What legal recourse do I have?? Thanks

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I assume with the value of assets (at least this one asset), you've been dealing with attorneys in your divorce.

Your attorney is going to be VERY interested in this twist. More importantly, the judge is going to be more than interested. You may want to consider (discuss this with your attorney first) filing a police report for a violation of Penal Code section 470. The DMV has their own investigations division as well.


Forgery is a crime no matter how much money is at stake. Report it to the police, but I would get a copy of the transfer papers from DMV first to show them. And yes, see your lawyer about this. I do not know why you came to us instead of your own lawyer. He/she can petition the court to make HIM pay your lawyer for the time it takes. If you did NOT use a lawyer when you got the divorce, get one now.

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