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What recourse can I take in regards to wrongful garnishment?

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I received notice of garnishment 2 weeks prior to payday for a defaulted school loan. I setup a voluntary payment plan with the creditor, automatic payments through my checking account 3 days prior to payday. The creditor failed to contact my employer to suspend the wage garnishment until after payday. My wages were garnished and the voluntary payment were taken on the same day. The creditor manager acknowledged the error on the creditor representative behalf but stated cannot and will not refund my garnishment payment which they have not received yet since my employer mailed that payment to them. Is there any action I can take regarding this matter? Please help

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every court has a procedure for filing in the garnishment action to dissolve the garnishment. See a local lawyer to walk you through this.


Doubt there is any cause of action. You owe the debt so they can use multiple methods to colllect. The mistake will be fixed and I am sure they will stop the garnishment.


You need to have the garnishment terminated or file a total claim of exemption. Discuss this matter immediately with a local attorney.

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