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What r my chances of getting conditional license? how long does it take to get my orginal license back?

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I was charged with DWI BAC .081 at the spot . I hit a pole while making a turn. Noone was injured . My airbag opened up.Got arrested. At police station my BAC was .14. I am 32yrs old with no history of DWI or any sort of ticket. My record is clean since the day i started driving.Now my license is suspended and m on bail. My next hearing is next week. I am the only source of income in the family. I have a dependent wife. In my job i need to go to stores situated at different locations.What r my chances of getting conditional license? how long does it take to get my orginal license back?

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.14 is high. Make sure you get an attorney to defend you. S/he may be able to negotiate a favorable disposition which includes the completion of the DMV Drinking Driving Program. Doing so would allow you to get a conditional license.


The LEAST of your problems is getting your license back. Your life just took an ugly turn for the worse. You caused an accident and blew almost twice the legal limit in Suffolk County. Suffolk County DA Thomas J. Spota has absolutely no sense of humor about this sort of stuff. You will likely end up with a criminal conviction and do jail time. I highly suggest that you consult with a very experienced DWI lawyer - NOT one that practices in Suffolk County all the time but one that practices DWI for a living and is not a "regular" there. My experience is that the "regulars" do not want to make waives and do not fight as hard as an outsider. This is what you are in a fight, and with the right lawyer you have a chance of having this plead down to an infraction and staying out of jail. And you can expect to pay by the hour anywhere from $200 - $400 and hour. Best of luck!


A conditional license takes 30 days from arraignment. Your original license return will depend on when and how your case is completed. Hire a good attorney asapm
Good Luck!

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