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What protection do I have against family members making false accusations and threats to me in helping their elderly father?

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Am helping an elderly neighbor for several years with his medications, running errands and taking him to see doctors all at his request. This elderly man lives alone and has children who are rarely there to help, but these children have issued threats and made false accusations against me, primarily because they are jealous and insecure. They may think I am angling to be in the father's will, but I have no interest whatsoever. Am just helping a kind, old man. How do I protect myself against such unwarranted threats while still trying to help the elderly friend who has pleaded with me not to leave him alone. He is a little scared of his children and what they may do to him, but will not file any charges or make complaints to anybody except to me.

I've been told that the children can "get even" with me by simply slandering my character in court, causing me to pay legal fees and endure trauma. They have enough money to do so if only to just "punish" me out of jealousy. I may win in a court, but end up enduring a lot of emotional scars and have these false accusations on my record. Can I countersue for damages and for them to pay all legal fees, wage less and emotional trauma if their accusations are proven false and they are guilty of malicious slandering?

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You may be jumping the gun, no allegations have been made against in you in court or to an agency. If they are making serious threats, see if the police will take a report from you and your elderly friend. As a last resort you could also try contacting Adult Protective Services to let them know about the situation and ask them for advice on how to handle the hostile family members.

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