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What privacy rights do I have while in public?

Athens, GA |

Do I have any rights while I am in public? Like, no one can touch me, or I have rights to say whatever I want? Or my privacy rights while in public exist?


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You need to be very specific. Privacy is limited, if not nonexistent, in public. However, you have First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights that still exist. Certain touching is assault and/or battery. Speaking is First Amendment.

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The answer to your question is debated and, arguably, answered in volumes of books covering a multitude of legal issues including constitutional law (First, Fourth Amendments, Due Process, and the state constitution), torts (assault, battery, etc.) and criminal law (assault, battery, use of fighting words and defenses to those claims) and a number of others. Your question is simply too broad to cover on this forum. If something specific happened to you, if you provide the details, then we may be able to better assist you.